Assign and Combine Google Slides

About this Add-on

The Assign and Combine Google Slides Add-on is a powerful tool designed to streamline classroom presentations and collaborations. With just a few clicks, teachers can assign individual Google Slides to each student. Students can then work on their respective slides, injecting their creativity and knowledge. Once students have completed their work, the add-on brings its magic to the forefront, seamlessly combining all the individual slides into a unified class presentation. It also keeps track of each slide assignment by creating a log in a Google Sheet. This add-on makes managing class presentations an easy and hassle-free task, allowing teachers to focus on what matters most - teaching and nurturing their students' learning journey. 

Our Commitment to User Privacy and Enhancing User Functionality

The Assign and Combine Google Slides Add-on is designed with privacy and user functionality in mind. We value your trust in us and are committed to protecting your personal data. While our add-on requires certain information to function, we ensure that your data is handled with the utmost care and respect.

How Our Add-on Works with User Data

The Assign and Combine Google Slides Add-on collects your email address to assign personalized slides. It also generates and tracks the URLs of these created slides, aiding in their organization and combination into a single class presentation. This information is stored temporarily on Google's secure servers and is deleted immediately after the slide assignment and combination process is complete.

Limited Use Policy Disclosure

The Assign and Combine Google Slides Add-on complies with and respects the guidelines outlined in the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements. Any data obtained from Google APIs will solely be used within the scope of this Add-on's intended functionality and will not be transferred or shared with any other applications. You can review the Google API Services User Data Policy here for more information.

Enhancing User Functionality

Our add-on brings innovative, teacher-friendly functionality to Google Slides. By allowing teachers to assign a Google Slide to each student and then combine these individual slides into a unified class presentation, we provide an efficient and easy way to manage class-wide slide presentations. Our add-on seamlessly integrates with your Google Workspace, thereby enhancing your user experience and streamlining classroom tasks.

We understand that sharing your data involves a great deal of trust. Therefore, we invite you to read our detailed Privacy Policy, where you can learn more about our data handling practices and commitment to your privacy.